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Parties and Celebrations

Arrival: Arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled wagon time. (i.e. if your wagon is at 10:15am, please be here at 9:45am) This will allow for check in and restroom breaks if necessary.

Participants: Have an exact number of those in your party broken down by number of children, parents and teachers. This will greatly speed the amount of time for check in.

Payment: Please make arrangements prior to arriving as to the how you plan to pay; a check, purchase order or cash. Also, please have parents that plan to ride the bus pay the school and those driving separately pay upon arrival to the Lazy 5 Ranch. It will be important that those parents arrive 30 to 4o minutes earlier to pay. The amount of time required to check you in will be greatly increased by the number of vehicles in your party. Please coordinate with other teachers on your field trip to follow the same protocol.

Water: We do not have water fountains, so please bring your own water if you feel it is necessary.

Restrooms: Use restrooms only for potty breaks. If you need to wash your hands, we have sanitizing stations located on each side of the shelter beside the drink machine. This will allow for quicker flow through the restrooms.

Allergies: Please bring any inhalers or allergy medication with you on your wagon ride.

Special offer to groups!: We have dipped , in a cup or cone, ice cream available for a discounted rate ($1 verses $1.50) 

Large number of books are also available to teachers to purchase before or after their visit: